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Vatan Gostardeh Iranian

Vatan Gostardeh Iranian Industrial Factories Group has started the production of PVC bobbin pipes (spindle pipe) with the best quality and price since 1380, and by focusing on quality and innovation in production, it has gained high popularity and played an important role in the field of pipe production. Plays the role of bobbins.

After the success in the production of bobbin tubes, this industrial group, in 2008, started building complete lines of extruder machines, PVC, polyethylene and tube molds from size 63 to 500, as well as manufacturing and repairing cylinders and extruders. VC and polyethylene finish.

Following the increasing success and support of your dear ones, in 1400, a stretch film production factory was opened with the aim of prosperity and facilitating the packaging of goods. He faced like buyers. Among the internal customers of the company, we can mention Zamzam Company and Damavand Mineral Water Company.

With the goal of self-sufficiency, Vatan Gostardeh Manufacturing Company was able to wind and rebuild the factory’s single-phase and three-phase industrial electric motors in 1401 and make the factory free of foreign products.

Due to the welcome of our dear compatriots, this production complex has entered the field of export and exports its products to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Armenia, Russia, and other European countries. In this regard, Vatan Gostardeh Iranian industrial factories have become a superior production unit in the domestic and foreign markets in the production, distribution, and export of goods and are known as an international brand in the world markets.