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Due to the focus on quality and innovation, Vatan’s products have gained a prominent place in the market. Among our products, we can mention bobbin tubes with superior features. These tubes have a special difference from spindle tubes made of plastic or cardboard with low weight, long life, more quality, and modern design. Also, we manufacture a range of PVC and PE extruder machines in various shapes and sizes, giving you a variety of choices. We use modern technology and many years of experience in production to provide our customers with high quality products that meet international standards.

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Vatan Gostardeh Iranian Company has also produced packaging products with the expansion of capabilities and continuous efforts. The stretch film produced by us has attracted wide attention due to its various applications in various industries including pharmaceutical, food, beverage and industrial packaging. With modern equipment and advanced technology, we have been able to produce products of superior quality and high efficiency. Also, the new factory has been put into operation, and due to the use of modern equipment, we are dealing with the final packaging process of the goods and sending the products to the customers with high quality and reliable packaging.

Vatan Gostardeh Iranian

Vatan Gostardeh Iranian Company has produced PVC spindle pipes, using recycled materials, since 2002. In addition to suitable price, these goods are produced, in accordance with high quality standards of production. PVC spindle pipes are desired options for paper spindle pipes, in comparison to paper ones and being suitable for exports and importing of currency to the country, as a result of these benefits.


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Bobbin tube

Vatan Gostardeh Iranian Company produces and supplies spindle pipes made of PVC and using recycled materials with good quality. Among the characteristics of these products that can be mentioned are light weight, reasonable price, and long life span; These products are available in different dimensions and sizes to customers all over the country and can be the best option for export products.

Application of bobbin tube

In some industries, where the final product must be prepared and marketed in rolls, PVC spindle tubes or bobbin tubes are used. For example, industries that produce nylon, banner and flexi, shearing, thread and reel, fabric, etc.; They use spindle tubes to supply their products to make it easier to transport and store the product.