Bobbin Pipe

Bobbin tube or spindle tube is one of those products that we all have dealt with, and we have seen that it is produced in cardboard and PVC materials. Cardboard tubes are used for tissue rolls, cellophane, glue, and perhaps dozens of other things. In the following, we will introduce you to the types of bobbin tubes and their applications in different industries.

Types of bobbin pipe

Spindle tubes are in the form of hollow cylinders and are produced with two types of cardboard and PVC, each of which has different applications in different industries, which can be produced with different thickness according to the needs of customers.

  • Spindle cardboard tubes are produced from layers of paper pulp in different thicknesses, and these products are usually used for paper napkin rolls, cellophane, and disposable table rolls, and are lighter than PVC or metal tubes. And they have a lower price. It is also possible to print text or logo on these spindles. The main purpose of producing cardboard tubes is to prevent products from being damaged or wrinkled.
  • PVC spindle pipes, which are made of polyvinyl chloride (abbreviated as PVC) and are produced in multi-layered form and according to customers’ opinion in different sizes and weights in Iran’s Vatan Gostardeh company.

Application of PVC bobbin pipe

PVC spindle tubes have many uses in various industries such as nylon, banner and flexi production, shearing, bobbin thread and fabric production, and below we will discuss in detail the use of PVC bobbin tube in each of the industries.

Manufacturer of nylon and shiring

PVC spindle tubes are stronger and more durable than cardboard tubes and more efficient than cardboard tubes. Our suggestion to the people who are active as nylon and nylon shearing producers is to use PVC spindle tubes instead of cardboard spindles because it is more useful, also has a better price and is the best option for nylon export.

Fabric manufacturer

There is always a discussion related to the use of fabric racks in textile factories, the ease of moving, carrying and using fabric racks for tailors and fabric sellers. Due to the low weight of PVC spindle tubes compared to other spindles in the market, it is the best option for fabric manufacturers. Also, it is possible to use PVC bobbin tubes multiple times for producers, which is the difference between these spindles compared to cardboard and paper tubes available in the market.

Manufacturer of thread and spool

Since the past, PVC spindle tube has been used in the spool thread production industry. Also, if these products are marketed using recycled materials, it will be a more suitable and economical choice for the customers of this industry than the yarn and spools supplied with other spindles.

Banner and flexi producer

Spindle tubes are used to roll the banner. Considering that PVC spindle tubes have higher strength and bear more weight than cardboard and paper spindles, it is a more suitable choice for banner and flexi producers and people active in the field of banner printing.